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Co-worker portraits on liu.se

All co-workers at LiU are given a staff webpage on liu.se to present the co-worker in a clear manner. Contact information is published om the staff webpage automatically, and the page also provides an opportunity to present information about your research, programmes and courses on which you teach, collaboration, and other professional information. It is also possible to display a portrait photograph on this page.

A staff webpage page on liu.se must conform to LiU’s graphic identity. The cohesiveness of the portraits is important for the combined overall impression given to visitors. It is not compulsory to display a portrait photograph on your page.

Each organisational unit is responsible for arranging photography of the co-workers so you can contact your communications officer. The Communications and Marketing Division at LiU are also arranging drop-in-times, see Drop-in-times - A portrait for the website. If a department, faculty or University Services produces a large number of photographs on any one occasion, the image files may be delivered in a suitable manner to Andreas Engmark at the Website Management and Media Lab. This may be in the form of email to andreas.engmark@liu.se, as a zip-file to be downloaded, or on a USB stick sent to: Andreas Engmark, Webb- och medialabbenheten/KOM, G-huset, plan 2, Campus Valla.

If individual photographs are taken on infrequent occasions, the web editor may send the photograph by email to the co-worker, who can then upload it to https://minit.liu.se.

Requirements for co-worker portraits

  • The portrait must be of professional quality.
  • The portrait must depict the co-worker, taken from directly in front.
  • The background must be white or neutral light grey. The photograph must be in colour and have landscape format.
  • The photograph must be in focus.
  • The photograph must show the head and shoulders of the co-worker. There must be sufficient air around the co-worker to allow the photograph to be cropped.
  • File format: Highest jpg quality
  • Construct the filename according to the following pattern: liuid-firstname-secondname.jpg. (NB! This point is to be included only on the webpage: not in MinIT.)
  • If the photograph does not satisfy the LiU conditions for publication, it may be deleted.

Procedure to publish staff portraits on the new liu.se

The portraits are stored in a central database that is independent of the web publishing system, and are automatically mirrored through the “MinIT” service: https://minit.liu.se. When a photograph has been uploaded to MinIT, you will automatically receive an email message that a photograph is waiting to be approved.

If you upload a photograph yourself, proceed immediately to the next step below.

Before the portrait is published, it must be cropped. This means that you must zoom in or out using “+” and “-”, in order to adapt the selected region to the display space. You must usually also move the portrait after the zooming operation, to give it the correct position inside the frame.

A correctly cropped and zoomed portrait is shown below:

Exempel på rätt beskuren medarbetarbild.


You must accept at least one condition in order for the portrait to be stored and available for use on your staff webpage. You may also choose to give your consent to the portrait being published in other contexts. In this case the portrait will be stored in the LiU media database.

1) I give my consent to the photo being stored and used at LiU as specified in the conditions.

2) I give my consent also to my photo being used in editorial contexts on the LiU website and in printed material as specified in the conditions.

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Last updated: 2020-03-31