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Exam Service Office

Bild på tentaskrivningThe Exam Service Office organises examination locations and co-ordinates supervisors for written examination. Examination Office also runs the system for examination administration (TAL). The object of the Exam Service Office is to execute high quality and legally secure examination in addition to offering services for students, administrators and examiners related to examination.

Note that the course instructor constructs the exam and grades it and that students can pick their examination papers up at the secretariat by their department.

Collecting/submitting exams

(Employees only, not students)

The Post Office at LiU handles all collection and delivery of exams to and from the departments. The exams must be submitted at the designated place no later than 12 noon the day before it takes place. If that is not possible the department itself is responsible for submitting the exam to the correct room in the morning before the exam starts.

Examination information for students

Please go here for examination information aimed at students.

Contact information

The exams coordinators at the Exam Service Office can advise you about exam dates and location.

Email: tenta@liu.se

Courses and programmes in Linköping

Marie Plantin
Campus Valla
e-mail: marie.plantin@liu.se
telephone: +46 (0) 13 - 28 13 92

Carin Andersson
Campus Valla
e-mail: carin.andersson@liu.se
telephone: +46 (0) 13 - 28 15 92

Joel Westberg
Campus Valla
e-mail: joel.westberg@liu.se
telephone: +46 (0) 13 – 28 10 19

Courses and programmes in Norrköping

Line Jepson
Campus Norrköping
e-mail: line.jepson@liu.se
telephone: +46 (0) 11 - 36 36 70

Emilie Jansson Ranta
Campus Norrköping

email: emilie.jansson.ranta@liu.se
telephone: +46(0)11 - 36 31 95

Contact information for exam rooms

Teachers and examiners can call these numbers to contact the supervisor during the exam.

Exam rooms at campus Valla

Ter1 connection 6997
Ter2 2769
Ter3 6998
Ter4 6705

C building, U- and T-corr 1972, R- and P-corr 2105
Physic building 2789 or 5875

Exam rooms at campus Norrköping

SP71 connection 3194
Täppan building 3210

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Last updated: 2021-02-02