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Timetable coordination and booking office

LIU-common timetable coordination and reservation of rooms
Booking office can be reached by e-mail at 1330@liu.se

The phone is for emergency use only: 013-28 1330.
The phone is open weekdays between 8.00 and 15.30.
Any matter regarding changes/issues that are further than two days away, please refer to our email at 1330@liu.se

For more information about the TimeEdit planning software, contact Anna Munter, System Administrator.




SPknappPreliminary timetable

Booking request  Technical support

Web booking  Room information

Rules and rent  Maps



We appreciate if you use Schemaplaneraren to submit timetable proposals   

In Schemaplaneraren you can reuse timetable proposals from previous semesters!

Timeline for the 2020 spring timetable coordination

  • September. Information on submitting timetable proposals is sent out to teachers or course administrators. Courses for spring 2020 are available in Schemaplaneraren.
  • 14 October. Completed timetable proposals must be submitted via Schemaplaneraren or schedule coordinators.
  • 2 December. Preliminary timetable is available through the web
  • 9 December. Requested changes should be available to the schedule coordinators
  • 19 December. The final timetable for the semester is published on the web

To view the timeline for the next timetable coordination period, see Timeline next period


Timetable proposals for the 2020 spring semester are now to be submitted.
Deadline is October 14th.  

For more information

Map of Studenthuset can be found here.

Web booking for employees. Book a LiU-general room.

For more information

New features in Schemaplaneraren

Video manual to import previous TimeEdit timetables to Schemaplaneraren


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