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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about timetables

For information about timetable for students, see this page

I cannot find the timetable for my course! What is the reason for this?
Check that you have searched for the correct course code on the open timetable page. During the scheduling period, and the preliminary period, the timetable for the next semester is shown only on the "preliminary timetable" page.
Check that you have handed in your timtable proposal in Schemaplaneraren. Open your proposal, and click the tab "Overview/finish". Choose "hand in proposal".
If the error persists, please create a ticket in the Service Web.

How do I add or change the text under "comment" in my timetable?
Make sure you are logged in on the preliminary timetable page. In your timetable, click on the booking you want to add or change text for. In the box that appears, click "Edit". You may now enter your text in the comment field. Finish by clicking "save". (For instructions, click here.)

How do I find out how many seats there are in a certain room?
On the timetable page, choose to search for room. Enter the name of the room in the search box and click "search". Hold the mouse cursor over the name of the room in the result list. The box will appear after a few seconds.

How do I find out what rooms there are in a certain house or at a certain campus?
On the 
timetable page, choose to search for room. Click "Show categories" to specify building, room type, affiliation and/or campus. To find rooms of a specific size, enter the size range of interest in the search box (e.g. 60-70, 40, >100) and click "search". 

Can I save my timetable?
You can save your timetable by placing a bookmark on the page.

How often is the online timetable updated?
The online timetable is updated continuously, i.e. changes in the timetable are visible immediately.

How do I revise my timetable, for example adjust the name of a teacher in my timetable?
If you wish to make a revision to the timetable for the ongoing semester, please contact the administrator at your department (for contact information, see this page) or create a ticket in the Service Web.
If you during the preliminary period wish to make a revision to the timetable for the next semester, enter this in the column "comment to schedule coordinators" on the preliminary timetable page (log in with your liu ID). (Detailed instructions are found here.) 
For LiTH, send an email to: schema@lith.liu.se.

Where do I find timetables for previous years?
Timetables from previous years are displayed on the page Historiskt schema ("historical timetables", only in Swedish). 

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Last updated: 2021-06-22