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Rules & rent for booking of rooms

Room booking sessions

The following room booking sessions are applied at all Campuses:

2 hour sessions: 08:15–10; 10:15–12; 13:15–15; 15:15–17

3 hour sessions: 10:15–13; 12:15–15; 15:15-18

4 hour sessions: 08:15–12; 13:15-17

Monday through Friday, when booking for one hour during lunchtime (12:15-13) or after kl. 17, at weekends and outside semesters, room bookings need not adapt to these booking sessions.


Room rent for all campuses 

The rent for LiU-general rooms is largely dependent on size category. Size category depends on the number of seasts in the room. Billing is determined by started room booking session.

Notice! New prices from 2021-01-01 onwards

Size Category

Price (SEK / hour)

10-25 seats 270
26-50 seats 425
51-79 seats 485
80-149 seats 600
150+ seats 820


Prices until 2020-12-31

Size Category

Price (SEK / hour)

10-25 seats 265
26-50 seats 420
51-79 seats 480
80-149 seats 590
150+ seats 810


External customers

External customers may book LiU-general rooms only in exceptional cases. Contact 1330@liu.se for further information. 


Booking requests for students 

Students may book rooms for student associations, student's unions, student sections and LUST-approved student associations. To do so, contact studentforeningsbokning@uf.liu.se
Visitign address: House D, Campus Valla

Any cleaning on weekends is payed by the customer.

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Last updated: 2021-03-08