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About the scheduling assignment


By the end of 2007 (and start of 2008) LiU launched a new system for scheduling and room booking. The aim was that teachers and students would have better opportunities to plan their work and studies, and that schedulers and room bookers have the same opportunities to carry out their work no matter which institution or faculty they belong to. The common classrooms are distributed fair and equally between university faculties, and students are given the opportunity to use empty premises to a greater extent than before.

A coordinated scheduling function is the result of a project carried out 2006-2007 with the aim of developing a new model for scheduling and room booking that is faculty-wide and uses standardized rules and procedures, leading to a more fair scheduling process. Rules, routines and working methods are reviewed and decided by a process council consisting of representatives from faculties, institutions, students and University Management.

If you want to know more about the scheduling assignment project, you can find information on the projects homepage:

Schedule assignment project

As from spring semester 2008, all teachers and students will receive a dynamic web-based timetable, regardless of which faculty and institution they are working or studying at.
(Applies to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in Linköping as from Autumn semester 2010.)

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