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Room Information

Under this heading you find links - see the left menu – to information about LiU-general rooms that you can reserve (including exhibition areas), some institutional rooms and information about other areas, such as toilets, study areas etc.


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Other areas

Study areas

Study areas are available in all buildings with classrooms, and every Campus has at least one quiet reading room. 
There are three categories of study areas:
• Individual reading area
• Individual reading area with computer
• Group work area

For more information, see: Study areas or Silent reading rooms


Student kitchens

For more information, see: Student kitchens


Rooms for rest

Rooms for rest are also available in all buildings with classrooms. 
The rooms for rest are in direct connection to a toilet and is equipped with a bunk.

For information about the location of the rooms for rest, see: Rooms for rest


Bathrooms with baby changing station

For information about the location of bathrooms with baby changing station, see: Bathrooms with baby changing station



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