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The scheduling assignment has its domicile at University Services (UF), coordinating the scheduling process and managing the TimeEdit schedulling and planning software.
The assignment is led by a project manager and staffed by schedule coordinators from the different faculties.

System Administration

Anna Munter, anna.munter@liu.se (System management leader)
Barbro Björklund, barbro.bjorklund@liu.se
Emma Beckman, emma.beckman@liu.se 
Micaela Evander, micaela.evander@liu.se (Schemaplaneraren)

Schedule coordinators at all faculties

  • The entire group can be reached through the following email: 1330@liu.se
  • For reservation of equipment at Clinicum in Linkoping, contact: cus@huk.liu.se
Schedule Coordinator           

Area of Responsibility

Anna Munter

System management leader Timeedit, Schemaplaneraren

Aurelia Consonni

Schedule and examination schedule for the Department Board for Electrical Engineering, Physics and Mathematics

Barbro Björklund

System management

Coyntha Sedvall

External bookings/priority bookings

Emma Beckman  

Senior Coordinator, Timtable coordination and Room booking

Gunilla Holmstedt

Schedule and examination schedule for the Department Board for Mechanical Engineering and Design

Helene Holmberg

Schedule and examination schedule for the Department Board for Industrial Economy and Logistics

Johanna Strier

Student association bookings

Jörgen Björkdahl


Kerstin Johansson

Schedule and examination schedule for the Department Board for Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology

Lars Andersson

Clinicum bookings

Micaela Evander

System management Schemaplaneraren

Mirsad Sikiric

Computer room bookings

Pia Craemer

Schedule and examination schedule for the Department Board for Computer Science and Media Technology


After the schedule has been published, reschedules are made by departments local administrator or contact person


Contact person
IFM Rita Fantl (Chemistry and Biology)
  Siv Göthe (Physics)
  Hasan Dzuho (only computer labs)
MAI mai-lokalbokning@MAI.liu.se
  Helena Larsson
  Monika Gustafsson
IEI Elisabeth Larsson (Institute of Technology)
  Lisbeth Hägg (Institute of Technology)
  Anna Brolin (Institute of Technology)
  Catharina Elvör (Faculty of Philosophy) send to Catharina first
  Annika Karlsson (Faculty of Philosophy)
  Maria Eriksson
  Maria Leijonhielm (Malmstens)
IDA schema@ida.liu.se
  Veronica Gunnarsson
  Erika Larsson (Faculty of Philosophy)
  Sanna Karlsson
  Agne Virsilaite Maras
IBL ombokare@ibl.liu.se
  Åsa Wrede
  Malin Åberg
  Carl Löfstrand
  Maria Lorin
  Elisabeth Augustsson
  Jenny Lönn
  Anette Starborg
  Helene Pers
  Hanna Ekelund Strand
  Linda Alm
  Elisabeth Qvarnström (Norrkoping)
ISY lokalbokning@isy.liu.se
  Carina Lindström 
  Maria Hamnér
ITN Marie-Louise Gustafsson (send to Marie-Louise and she will forward it to the right person)
  Åsa Dahl
  Irmeli Artursson
IKOS ombokning@ikos.liu.se
  Ulrika Sund (Culture, Society and Media Production, Norrkoping)
  Thérese Nilsson (Norrkoping)
  Helen Falck
TEMA Inger Rehnström
HMV ombokningomv@liu.se
  Juliana Musakwa (Nursing, Specialist Nursing, Linkoping and Norrkoping)
  Helena Svanberg (Nursing, Specialist Nursing, Linkoping and Norrkoping)
  Susanna Högne (Nursing, Specialist Nursing, Linkoping and Norrkoping)
  Ann-Christin Norén (Occupational Therapy programme) ann-christin.noren@liu.se
BKV Erika Lindén (Biomedical Laboratory Science) 
  Gesine Ensle (BMX)
  Madeleine Törngren (BMX, KUB)
  Marie Malander (Speech and Language Pathology)
  Jessica Gunnarsson (Speech and Language Pathology)
  Ann Pierre (Medical Biology)
  Lisa Troberg (Medical Biology) 
  Anna Törnlööf (Psychotherapist edu. and courses 8FG038, 8FG073, 8FA244)
  Alexandra Morén (Medical programme)
  Katarina Kärling (Medical programme)
  Sara Hjärne (Medical programme)
  Athina Plakou (Medical programme)
  Therese Pettersson (Medical programme)
  Emma Widarsson (Medical programme)
  Johanna Bäcklund (Master’s Programme in Genetic counselling)
Contract education Linda Uhrbom


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