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Lisam courses

Welcome to Lisam courses! Lisam is Linköping University's social collaborative platform for learning. Here, teachers and students are offered the opportunity to interact and organize their work. Other employees may also use Lisam in the form of collaboration rooms. Log in with your LiU ID at lisam.liu.se

Courses in Lisam

Lisam Manuals are available through the Lisam-support link on the left menu in Lisam. There are also the following Lisam courses for employees. All Lisam courses are free:

Lisam Basic Course - A three-hour introduction to teachers and other staff who will work with course rooms (provided by IT @ LiU)
Lisam in-depth courses - Advanced courses offering in-depth knowledge for different functions in course rooms. Each course session takes up to two hours. Contact Bahar Abbaspour
Lisam Administrator Course - For Administrators who need to create course rooms. Contact Bahar Abbaspour
Collaboration room in Lisam - For all employees who want to collaborate and communicate through Lisam (provided by IT @ LiU)
Customized courses in Lisam - An opportunity for groups that have a desire for some special course-packages, mainly based on the content of Lisam in-depth courses. Contact Bahar Abbaspour

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Last updated: 2018-09-10