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The Evaliuate course evaluation system

Linköping University introduced a new university-wide course evaluation system in the autumn of 2018 – Evaliuate. The system replaced the former system, KURT, and is used to evaluate all courses given at LiU.

EVALIUATE - why is it needed?

Benefiting from the experiences and points of view of students concerning the courses they take is important for improving the courses. Further, LiU has an obligation to do so. Evaliuate is one component of the quality assurance system for the education at LiU, and replaces the system that has been generally known as KURT.


EVALIUATE - how will it be used?

All courses at LiU will automatically be subject to course evaluation in Evaliuate. A questionnaire will be sent to all registered students on every course when the course ends. The questionnaire contains 12 university-wide questions and some others that are specific to the faculty. Further questions can be added, if desired.





Maria Boberg, content manager

Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, head of implementation

Josefine Swahn, technical project manager


Schedule FOR 2018

  • March: Minipilot carried out
  • April-June: Pilot with approximately 40 courses from the four faculties
  • June-August: Evaluation of the pilot and modifications required
  • August: Launch of the system ready for the autumn term

Schedule FOR 2019

  • March: Evaluation of Evaliuate


Drop in Autumn 2018

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