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The Evaliuate course evaluation system

***New features in Evaliuate***

Evaliuate´s survey tool Survey&Report has been upgraded to a new version. Manuals for how to navigate and and work in the new version can be found under the Manuals tab. 


Evaliuate is Linköping University´s joint course evaluation system. In this film you meet one of LiU´s teachers who talks about how he works with course evaluation and Evaliuate.



Benefiting from the experiences and points of view of students concerning the courses they take is important for improving the courses. Further, LiU has an obligation to do so. Evaliuate is one component of the quality assurance system for the education at LiU.



All courses at LiU will automatically be subject to course evaluation in Evaliuate. A questionnaire will be sent to all registered students on every course when the course ends. The questionnaire contains 10 university-wide questions and some others that are specific to the faculty. Further questions can be added, if desired.



Search course evaluation


Maria Boberg, Administrative leader

Johan Jäger, Content manager, VFU questionnaire at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science


this is what we have done

  • 2018 Aug: Evaliuate is introduced
  • 2019 Feb-March: Evaluation of Evaliuate and participation in the Pedagogy days
  • 2019 April-June: The survey questions are being reworked. The response period is extended from 10 days to 3 weeks. All email texts and intro texts are shortened and reworked.
  • 2019 Juni: Integration in the Student Portal, all students reach their surveys and reports there
  • 2019 Sep-Nov: Advertising campaigns are developed for both students and teachers. "Five good tips" from teachers who have recieved a high responserate. Then runs on TV screens, web and news during course evaluation periods. 
  • 2020 Feb: Searche page where everyone with LiU-ID can reach all course evaliuations (without free text answers)
  • 2020 Feb: Mailing to Institutions Management, of response frequency and overall grades on the Institution´s courses last semester. Attatch the "Five good tips" from teachers who have recieved a high response rate. This mailing is made after each semester.
  • 2020 April: Integration in LiU-dok automatically provides archiving of the course evaluations
  • 2020 June: Inetagration in the LiU-app where students are reminded to answer the questionnaire
  • 2020 Aug: Support and automatic reminder to teachers before the start of the course to give feedback to students about changes made to the course due to results from previous course evaluations
  • 2020 Oct: Integration in the search page for Lisam Kursrum, where students recieve information about surveys that have opened
  • 2020 Nov: Call for constructive free text answers is added in the questionnaire
  • 2020 Nov: Corona questions are added in the questionnaire 
  • 2021 February: Evaliuate´s website on the Student portal is supplemented with information about anonymity, abusive treatment and Evaliuate´s timeline. 
  • 2021 April: Search page where those responsible at the faculty can reach course evaluations with free text answers (from their faculty/program)
  • 2021 June: Integration in Lisam course room, where students recieve notice of surveys that have opened
  • 2021 August: Improved functions in the survey tool, eg analysis function and follow the response rate
  • 2021 Sep-Nov: Films where teachers and students tell how they work with course evaluation and Evaliuate




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