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Standard questions

The questionnaire contains 12 university-wide questions and some others that are specific to the faculty. These questions are available in Swedish and English versions, and the version used depends on the language in which the course was given.

University-wide and faculty-specific questions

At courses with clinical placement (known in Swedish by the abbreviation "VFU") an extra course evaluation with questions specific for clinical placement is sent.

VFU specific questions


Logging in to the Survey&Report system

The direct link to the Survey&Report system is:


If you receive an error message when attempting to log in, this probably means that the system does not contain any questionnaires or reports for you to manage. We recommend that you read the manual below before logging in for the first time.


Adding further questions to a course evaluation

In addition to the university-wide and faculty-specific questions, the examiner or course supervisor can add further questions, if there is a particular aspect of the course that is to be evaluated.

The link below opens a manual in which we show how to log in and add further questions to a course evaluation questionnaire.

Manual: Adding further questions in the EVALIUATE course evaluation system





Maria Boberg, content manager

Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, head of implementation


Schedule FOR 2019

  • June: Evaliuate is integrated in "Studentportalen" where students can find their ongoing course evaliuations and the results from their previous course evaluations.
  • August: The course evaluation period is extended from 10 days to 3 weeks.




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