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Drop in, autumn 2018

Several opportunities for “Drop in” consultations will be arranged during the autumn of 2018. Drop ins are intended either for course supervisors and examiners or for directors of studies and questionnaire managers. Here, you can pose questions and obtain help with working in Evaliuate. Just drop in – no registration is required.

Drop in sessions for: examiners and course supervisors

11 September, 10-12 am, Didacticum Linköping

26 September, 10-12 am, TP32 Norrköping

18 October, 10-12 am, Didacticum Linköping

15 November, 1-3 pm, Didacticum Linköping

11 December, 10-12 am, Didacticum Linköping

Drop in sessions for: directors of studies and questionnaire managers

21 November, 10-12 am, Didacticum Linköping

23 November, 10-12 am, TP32 Norrköping

5 December, 10-12 am, Didacticum Linköping





Maria Boberg, content manager


Schedule FOR 2019

  • June: Evaliuate is integrated in "Studentportalen" where students can find their ongoing course evaliuations and the results from their previous course evaluations.
  • August: The course evaluation period is extended from 10 days to 3 weeks and new questions are put to use.




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