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eISP – Electronic individual study plans

The ISP system is a web-based system used to manage the individual study plans of doctoral students.

From April 1, 2021, all admitted students use eISP system to create their individual study.

Other accepted doctoral students will switch to using eISP during 2021.


New release 2022-03-22 -->

user guide

Questions? Primarily contact your eISP administrator

BKV: Eva Zurawski       

HMV: Kajsa Bendtsen     

IBL: Britt-Marie Alfredsson 

       Anna Ericson                 

IDA: Anne Moe 

IEI: Marie Waltersson
       Karin Fredriksson   

IFM: Lena Martinsson 

IKOS: Agnese Grisle   

          Sofie Gustafsson 

IMT: Lena Wide       

ITN: Ami Palmin 

Irmeli Artursson 

Marie-Louise Gustafsson 

Viveka Nilson   

ISY: Anne Moe       

MAI: Theresa Lagali Hensen

TEMA: Carin Ennergård     

eISP helpdesk                                              

Page manager: kajsa.bendtsen@liu.se
Last updated: 2022-09-22