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Adopted by the University Board 06/17/1998. Dnr LiU 522/97-11.

The code of honor includes the mutual responsibilities of students and employees to the University and to each other. It also communicates the norms and values that the university's activities should be built on.

The Code of honor consists of the following statements:

Students’ and employees’ joint commitments:

1. To respect and support other students and employees.
2. To encourage a frank, open and free dialogue on different matters, on methods and arguments used, and on problems and opportunities.
3. To contribute to the best of their ability to the development of the university and its good reputation.
4. To familiarise themselves with and follow internal regulations and agreements, and contribute to a continuous reappraisal of these so that they are always considered to be adequate.
5. To strive to plan ahead in matters that affect the working conditions of others.

Students’ commitments:

6. To take responsibility for their academic studies as regards both specialisation, planning and execution.
7. To take responsibility for making use of educational opportunities offered.
8. To take responsibility for ensuring that other students’ studies are not obstructed.

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