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Please send/leave us your licentiate and doctoral thesis as a pdf-file ready to be printed, via email to liutryck@liu.se or on a UBS-memory (feel free to divide your work into several pdf-files if easier but number them so it is clear in what order they shall be placed).If you have articles that only exist on paper we can help you to scan these.

In order for us to guarantee delivery on time we need at least 17 working days production time in total for a dissertation, please contact us even earlier to make the planning easier. Approximate timeframe is as follows.

17 working days before delivery:
Contact us so that we can place an order. Here you also leave a foundation for the cover. We help you with the design of this if you wish, but you ought to have made a sketch of your own or have an idea of how it should look. The total number of pages of the dissertation should be known (+/- 10 pages).

12 working days before delivery:
Here we want to have the pdf-files of the rest of the dissertation(coat, articles and nailing page), and the cover should be approved for printing. You get a page proof of the inside in a couple of days, and you get the possibility to make corrections.

7 working days before delivery:
Here the dissertation must be approved for printing.

For the fastest possible handling, proof correct your work carefully, and control the pdf-files before you send your material to LiU-Tryck.

Information about publishing on the net is available on Linköping University Electronic Press.

Before you get started...

Here below some general tips follows for the design of the dissertation. Remember to first use the directions and templates of the department, if those are available.

  • Feel free to make your work in an A4-format. If it shall be scaled down to a S5-format (165x240 mm or 81%) you ought to take that into account when you choose font size et c. If you use Times New Roman is at least 12 pt (with a line spacing of approx 14 pt) in the body-copy to be recommended.
  • In the body-copy you most appropriately use a so called roman font (for example Times New Roman), while you benefit from writing head lines with a so called lineal typeface (for example Helvetica or Arial).
  • Printing will be added on the back of the title page as follows: Printed by LiU-Tryck, Linköping 2016.
  • Think through which pages will end up on the right (odd pages) and on the left (even pages), and insert blank pages where it is needed. Normally opening pages – library page, title page, preface, summary as well as new chapter are right pages.
  • Page number can be inserted either centred on each page or align at the left and right.
  • Pictured need to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • Do you have pictures or graphics in colour that shall be printed in grey scale, notice to use colours that strongly contrast to each other (light-dark) if you want the differences in shades in the black and white print to be noticeable in diagrams and similar.
  • Text is not suitable for grey scale and should always be completely in black (observe that Word often automatically makes for examples links blue).
  • Avoid using transparent colours in Word.


E-mail: liutryck@liu.se
Phone: +46-(0)13-281055
Telephone hours Mon-Fri:

combined with holidays we apply, shorter working hours as directed by LiU.

Visiting address and opening hours

Campus Valla
House A, entrance 19C

Opening hours Mon-Fri:
08.30-12.00, 13.00-16.00

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Map to LiU-Tryck

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closed for lunch 12.00-12.45

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Linköping University
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