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Facilities Support

In order to offer an attractive, environmentally friendly workplace for students and staff, we provide facilities support services to LiU departments and units. Facilities Support also undertakes external assignments.

Facilities Support can assist with the following tasks:

Waste management
All separated waste materials are handled by Facilities Support.

Electronic waste
We collect and dispose of electronic waste.

We provide support for both small and large relocations.

Our professionally trained staff install, maintain and repair all types of furnishings.

Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
If the lighting becomes shadowy - contact Facilities Support. We change light bulbs and fluorescent tubes using ladders and lifts.

Locks and keys
We service and maintain locks, manufacture new and replace old cylinder barrels, manufacture and supply keys and can assist with establishment of a lock schedule.

We lease parking spaces with a power outlet.
NB: This only applies to Linköping.

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Last updated: 2017-11-28