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In an emergency, call 112. Only use this number for genuine emergencies.

Security guards

In the event of a minor emergency, if you feel threatened or want to report something (property damage, attempted burglary, graffiti, etc.), please contact the on-campus security guards. The guards are trained in first aid and also have access to defibrallators.

Telephone security guards 013-28 58 88

Cardiac arrest Campus Valla and University Hospital Campus 013-28 20 10

Cardiac arrest Campus Norrköping 011-36 30 10

LiU security network

Head of Security Protection
Kristian Malzoff (starts 1 September 2017)

Fire-protection Coordinator
Annevi Fredäng
Telephone +46-(0)13-28 23 40

Information for students

Safety on the student web

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Last updated: 2017-08-22