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Tightening information security

Information security at Linköping University is to be tightened. The steering group has begun its work, and on 1 May the university will have a joint IT organisation.

Picture of lock in cyberspaceAs Inside LiU previously reported, the university is introducing joint technical management of its IT operations and infrastructure. Moreover it will create a joint IT organisation for the entire university, in accordance with a university board decision. The project is called “1IT”.

“As work proceeds we will keep a firm focus on securing and maintaining all the university’s IT services at a high level,” says IT Director Joakim Nejdeby.

The aim is that by the first of May, the university will have a joint IT organisation under the management of the IT director.

“In January we will review our competencies, and look into who will be affected by the change, and what the organisation will deliver,” says Nejdeby.

This means that those employees who mainly work with IT support in the organisation will be part of the joint IT department in University Services. The physical location of the workplace will be studied separately.

IT Director Joakim Nejdeby1IT consists of several sub-projects which will commence in succession. One of the first will be to introduce a joint catalogue service. Essentially this means registering all computers and users, and identifying how they are administered and interconnected.

“Initially we will work a lot on IT security, but I want to emphasise that the project is about information security. That is, also how important physical paperwork will be stored,” explains Nejdeby.

The project group has already compiled a long list of projects and activities to complete during the switch.

“As soon as possible we will appoint a communications officer to communicate what is happening. We will also have a special website with information about the project.”

Joakim Nejdeby emphasises that there will be extensive consultation about the work, including with local trade unions.

“Everyone who is affected by the change will get to have a say, and all every aspect will be considered.”

The steering group consists of University Director Kent Waltersson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Karin Fälth Magnusson, Dean Ulf Nilsson, Head of Department Jörgen Nissen, Head of Faculty Office Anette Philipsson, University Library IT Director Anders Fåk, Human Resources Director Randi Hellgren and IT Director Joakim Nejdeby.


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