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New brand store online

Just over a year ago, the LiU store closed its doors. But the demand for logo giftware and other presents has been so great that LiU service has now started building up a new product inventory that can be ordered online.

Johan Cederlund med profilartiklar

Outside Johan Cederlund’s office thereis a large glass cabinet with shelves filled with logo gift-ware and other presents like mugs, hats, bags, umbrellas, and T-shirts. “People stop and look, and comment on the goods,” says Cederlund, department head for Mail & Facilities Support – the department responsible for building the inventory of logo giftware anew.

When the shop closed just over a year ago, the departments themselves started amassing small stocks of gifts and logo giftware. But no one was actually asked to see to it that there was a centralised inventory. Until the area head at LiU Service put together a group asked to pick out a number of products from the suppliers they were purchasing from. Now Mail & Facilities Support – a department already serving the whole of LiU and which has the logistics for things like storage and transport – is running the sales.

The stock on hand has gradually grown and now comprises around 30 articles. “These goods can be ordered via LiU Inköp online, under the heading ‘Profil- och presentartiklar’,” Cederlund says. Everyone can go and look at what’s on offer, but only a few have permission to place an order. A novelty is that the AV service in c-building has a small stock of articles that everyone can buy for cash or with a bankcard. But VAT is not included. Here, just like at the entrance to d-building, all the logo giftware is on display in a glass cabinet. A display case will also be found in Norrköping in the future.


Sales online were already starting gradually before summer. “It has really come along well,” Cederlund says. The first invoice was for SEK 90,000, and then we only had a small selection; it was the summer term and we hadn’t done any direct promotion. I think that there was a pent-up need; people seem to be glad that things are back on sale.” But finding articles that suit everyone is not a simple matter. This is why the web shop has tried to broaden its selection, with gifts and articles in different price ranges. Some people need to order a lot of inexpensive things; others want fewer but more exclusive items.

The LiU hat is a new item in the selection – a good idea, Cederlund thinks, after these last few cold winters. The shoulder bag is selling strikingly well, as is the business folder with notepad and pens given away free to those arranging a conference or training. And more stuff is on the way.

LiU:s Konferensmapp

“A lot of people have asked about pins, as well as ties and scarves. That’s under way, but we wanted to try to make our own design so that it won’t be the same type of tie that many others have, but with the LiU logo instead. We’re also working on producing a nicer-looking bag or satchel to carry things in, the kind you can get in a somewhat more exclusive boutique. The work on producing new items is being done in collaboration with the Communications Office. This is a branding issue,” Cederlund says. “For example, it’s important to have the right LiU colours and that the logo is completely correct.”


Find logo giftware and other gifts at LiU Inköp


Text and photo: Elisabet Wahrby

18 Feb 2013

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