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Goran Felldin - Director of Collaboration & Partnership

Göran Felldin

Goran Felldin is one of Linköping University’s new directors. He will develop the university's cooperation with businesses, organizations and the public sector in Östergötland.

“We will be so good at collaboration so that we become the natural collaborative partner within the region.
Felldin shines when he talks about his new position as the Director of Collaboration & Partnership at LiU. The position is new, and to tell the truth, it is" not official yet. A firm decision on LiU's organization can only be made once the new university directors have been appointed.

However for Felldin, the vision is clear - LiU's role as an actor and driving force in the region must intensify.
He explains, “It also relates to the university's third charge. Apart from educating and conducting research, we will apply and utilise research.”

As Director of Collaboration & Partnership, Felldin will act as broker between the private and public sectors in Östergötland and Linköping University while also combining their needs.
“It's the same job that LiU-Kontakt has undertaken most excellently, yet this will be on a larger scale.

LiU-Kontakt has four brokers located in each of Norrköping, Motala, Vimmerby and Linköping. They visit a broad spectrum of companies each year and try to interest them in taking on students for things such as jobs and summer jobs.
“They can also ask the question ‘What are you doing? '
..."Did you know that we retain at our disposal relevant research that may be useful to you? ". We are unique in Sweden in that we run this type of brokerage and it is a shining example of tangible collaboration that currently works very well.

Goran Felldin is former head of marketing at Linköping University responsible for commercialization, research funding and branding. He sits on several boards and is actively involved in entrepreneurship and supporting innovative ideas and fledgling companies in their commercialization processes. Prior to his recruitment to LiU he led several successful companies.

The fact that the post of Director of Collaboration & Partnership is still quite ambiguous does not disturb him.
“I am comfortable working with innovation and understand what I will contribute to the position as director. In order for LiU to continue to be a competitive university, we must become better at utilising our research, providing more support to students with entrepreneurial ambitions, developing partnerships with schools and communities and improve links with other actors in both the public and private sphere."

Therefore, he believes it's great that the University’s Administration dare to plan for the 'Overarching Process Directors' and, in turn, a reorganization of the university administration; despite the fact that the new university director has not yet been appointed.
“What it comes down to is allowing more time, focus and long-term thinking on important tasks and ventures. We’re demonstrating that someone is at the helm, who can answer questions and be accountable. We will illustrate and prove to authorities and organizations how important we believe it is that we are all pulling in the same direction.

In the future he hopes to nurture a lively dialogue with fellow LiU employees.
“My wish is that many will be inspired to pick up the phone and call me if they have any concerns, questions or ideas regarding collaboration.


What are the challenges for the future?
“Some educators and researchers are still a reluctant to introduce further contacts based on their work, so we ensure that it is always socially relevant. Therefore we must generate a change of attitude. This would increase the number of applications and demonstrate to students that a LiU education leads to jobs. We must be on our toes; competitors create new courses all the time.

Presently, how good is LiU at collaboration?
“Pretty good, however, as the only university in the region we have been in a luxurious position. For example we are automatically invited to the conference on the region's railway strategy because they want to know what we think and how decisions impact us. Similarly, if you asked our 3800 colleagues about what LiU does in terms of collaboration & partnership, 99 of 100 would be surprised. Previously it has not been a priority.

An academic list regarding Collaboration & Partnership at LiU

  • Collaboration & Partnership All forms of of partnership in which one party, the academy or the surrounding community, are interested in each other's contribution to the project or activity
  • Result That which responds to definitions of a problem in research
  • Knowledge The individual experiences of researchers, teachers and students
  • Utilization Using various means to transfer results and knowledge to other individuals and organizations, mainly outside the academy
  • Commercialization To put at the disposal of a counterpart defined results and/or knowledge in return for monies
  • Idea A relevant new idea. Need not be unique
  • Innovation Implement a new product, service, process, method or concept already
  • Discovery A, presumably, completely new result
  • Inventions New technology
  • Patents Exclusive rights to exploit an invention
  • Fundraising Research grants from individuals or organizations that may be directed to research areas but not research management
  • Commission Funded client-driven research or education

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