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Does it pay to advertise?

Bild: Reklamskyltar för pizzaföretag

This is the sight that greeted folk on Corson a few weeks ago: a pizza company had blitzed the place with advertising signs in the ground and stuck to the lamp-posts. But is anyone allowed to advertise on campus, however they choose?

Bild: Reklamskyltar för pizzaföretagNo, they can’t. In this particular case, the pizza company was ordered by Akademiska Hus to remove the advertising within 24 hours and restore the lamp-posts to their original condition. Failure to do so would result in a demand for payment.

The grounds of Campus Valla are owned by Akademiska Hus, so from a legal point of view, they are privately owned. Corson, however, is an exception. The municipality of Linköping has what is known as an “easement” here, since it is a passage for everyone who walks or cycles through Campus Valla. Thus, Corson is part of the public roads network, and the same regulations apply here as elsewhere in the municipality.

The Department of Facilities Management is often approached by companies that view the university’s students and employees are prime targets for marketing.
“We get at least two or three enquiries every week from companies that want to advertise or carry out some form of marketing on the campus,” says Tobias Lindberg. “But is is only student societies approved by Linköpings Universitets Studentkårer that can book space for advertising at the university. External companies have access to a special ‘company corner’ in the Kårallen Building.”

Annika Samuelsson, facilities manager at Kårservice, is responsible for the company corner.
“Companies that want to advertise at the university are welcome to do so in the company corner. Around one company a week takes up this offer, from a wide range of different companies. The rent they pay goes to Kårservice.”

Kårservice is also responsible for Blå havet, where student societies can advertise their activities.
Bild: Reklam på digitalskärm“Some societies are sponsored, and in such cases the sponsoring company can also be present. But the focus must be firmly on the society, not the sponsor,” says Annika Samuelsson. “Sometimes a company or some individuals will turn up and advertise outside Kårallen: when this happens we ask them to move. It is our responsibility to manage this area.”

Carlsons Bbq in the C Building sells advertising space on its menu screens. Can they do that?
“Yes, this is OK,” says Annika Samuelsson. “As long as the person selling the advertising space doesn’t give the impression that the adverts will be displayed on the large LiU screens in the C Building. Some of those who have purchased advertising space here have got that impression.”

Sometimes there are people on campus with free samples or other giveaways. Is this permitted?
“Probably not,” says Annika Samuelsson. “I mean – they’re probably not giving stuff away just to be nice: their aim is to advertise something.”

So what should we do if we see unauthorised advertising or other marketing activity on campus?
“Well, as I said, it’s private ground, owned by Akademiska Hus. So I suggest that you contact them.”


Text and photo: Elisabet Wahrby

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