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Improvements to Evaliuate

Bild: Studenter i biblioteket i Studenthuset. Foto: Magnus Johansson

Working with course evaluations in Evaliuate has become easier. A new version of the questionnaire tool in Evaliuate, Survey&Report, provides advanced functions that, among other things, make it easier to use free-text questions and analyse the results. New instruction videos and manuals show how to use the functions.

The Evaliuate group is always working to improve and develop the system, according to wishes and opinions that are submitted.

One such wish concerns the possibility to add free-text questions in order to obtain an explanation of what the figures really mean.

“This is possible, and has been made simpler in the new version”, says Maria Boberg, system manager for Evaliuate. “You can now simply click in the questionnaire and edit it.”

Another way of making it easier to work with free text is to reuse free-text questions from previous courses.

Many people have requested analysis functions, and the ability to see how answers to one question lie relative to the answers to other questions. This is now possible for those who have been nominated as director of studies or “free-text response reviewer” in Bilda.

“Free-text replies can now be exported to Microsoft Word, where you can make a copy and edit them for, for example, a presentation”, says Maria Boberg.

It is now easier to follow how the number of responses increases during the period the questionnaire is open. Many teachers have requested this function.

New manuals and instruction videos have been published describing how to work with Evaliuate. These have been structured into sections, and it is hoped that users will find it easier to take in the material when they can access one section at a time.

“It’s a good idea to watch the videos, which will make the learning curve less steep when people start to work in Evaliuate”, says Maria Boberg. “They’re only a few minutes long.”

The manuals and instruction videos are available here

An ever-present challenge is to increase the response rate among students. Evaliuate has been integrated with other systems such that students can be sent reminders in these systems. The most recent addition is that students receive a notification in the Lisam course room when the questionnaire is opened for replies.

“We distribute over 100,000 questionnaires each year”, says Maria Boberg. “Just imagine the rich source of information these are. I would like to strongly encourage that people use them.”


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2021-08-25

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