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To increase student numbers at LiU

Bild: Biologistudenter i ALC-salen. Foto: Anna Nilsen

Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson has approved a plan of action to increase educational volumes at LiU. The initiative provides SEK 13 million between now and 2023, to be used for such measures as a greater amount of remote education and more summer courses.

The Swedish government has allocated resources to increase the number of places in education by 45,000 during 2021, while the numbers applying to higher education have been record-high during the corona pandemic. However, the trend in recent years has otherwise been that LiU has found it difficult to fill all available places. This has, in turn, meant that it has been difficult to claim the maximum amount allocated by the government. It has not been possible to use all available governmental grant for education, and the Ministry of Education and Research considers this to be a cause for concern.

The university management has been conducting dialogues throughout the university, with the aim of drawing up a strategic plan for the period until 2030. Student recruitment is one topic that has been given priority here. Several projects are under way within operational planning with the aim of increasing education at LiU, i.e. finding new attractive courses and programmes, and marketing those that are already available to encourage more students to apply. The plan of action that has now been approved focusses on solutions, and distributes tasks that supplement ongoing work, such that measures can be rapidly taken in both the short and long terms.
“The increase in the number of student places and the fierce competition for students mean that we at LiU must always do our utmost to offer attractive and competitive courses and programmes”, says Deputy Vice-Chancellor Margareta Bachrack Lindström, with responsibility for education.

The plan of action contains, for example:

  • remuneration to all courses at LiU for the admission of excess students, i.e. the ability to admit more students than planned when the number of applicants per place is high
  • SEK 3 million to support recruitment initiatives for teaching personnel
  • an inquiry to identify programmes and courses that can carry out several admission rounds per year
  • initiatives to reduce the number of those who fail to complete courses and programmes
  • investigation of whether increased collaboration with other institutions of higher education is possible with respect to the staffing of education, by, for example, creating shared teaching positions
  • an offer of more summer courses, and greater opportunities to take such courses using remote methods.

In the longer term, the vice-chancellor feels that it should be possible to offer even more summer courses as distance education with a less intense pace of study, and that the lifelong learning opportunities offered by LiU should be made more prominent. In areas where LiU suffers from a lack of teachers, newly promoted doctors should be offered the opportunity to continue at LiU as teaching personnel.
“The conditions in which we offer education are undergoing rapid change, and this has become abundantly clear during the corona pandemic. Remote courses, summer courses and the opportunity for lifelong learning are no longer just supplementary to conventional education: they are important components of our mainstream education in the future”, Margareta Bachrack Lindström concludes.


Translated by George Farrants

Björn Stafstedt 2021-08-25

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