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Reception activities that engage many

Bild: Studentmottagning Campus Valla 2020.

The new students will soon be arriving at LiU to be met by the “best reception activities in Sweden”. The pandemic will, of course, have an effect, but it will be possible to arrange more class-based physical activities than last year. It is, however, important that it is not just the mentors and student unions who support and interact with the new students: the reception activities are university-wide events that engage everyone at LiU.

The reception policy drawn up by the student unions states that: “The reception period should be an experience to treasure for the rest of your life”, and evaluations of previous years have shown that this truly is the case for many new students. LiU has, quite simply, a reputation for holding the best reception for new students in Sweden. Eager and probably also a bit apprehensive, thousands of students take part in reception activities, with around 2000 mentors who will be hard-pushed to come up with activities that not only provide useful info but are also fun. And all the time in a corona-secure manner. Details of adaptations to the corona situation are available here.

“The student unions and all the mentors do an amazing job during the reception, which we as a university benefit from and enjoy long after the celebrations have ended”, says Jonas Blom, coordinator in the Student Division.

One point made by the student unions, which Jonas Blom is happy to underline, is that every co-worker at LiU has an opportunity to make things easier for the new students by making sure that they know how the reception activities will proceed. Co-workers can also help the students through the first confusing weeks in other ways.

“I recommend that co-workers read the reception policy. If we help the organisers in every way we can, also during the pandemic, our new students will have an amazing start of their time at LiU”, says Jonas Blom.

Policy for the Reception Period Gemensammottagningspolicy2021 (pdf) (in Swedish)

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Translated by George Farrants


Björn Stafstedt 2021-08-16

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