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Opening the door to the LiU-wide intranet

Bild: Grafik, illustration av LiU:s gemensamma intranät

At last it’s time to open the door to the LiU-wide intranet. On 10 June, all co-workers gained access to the parts that are ready so far.

As soon as the decision was taken by the university management to construct a new external website several years ago, it became clear that a common intranet for LiU was also needed. This would be a central location for contacting others, collaboration, tools and systems, documents and forms, guidelines and procedures, news and the calendar. This is the place that we can now all get a glimpse of.

It’s far from complete. But what is there gives an idea of how the intranet will appear, and its structure, while at the same time giving all co-workers the opportunity to follow its development as increasing numbers of operational units move in. At the moment, the content relating to ”My employment” and information about IT services are the most prominent elements. Other information already in place relates to finance, travel, library services, and some departments and faculty offices.

A pioneer that has already taken up residence is the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences (BKV), where communications officer John Karlsson has helped with the design.

“The intranet is a fresh dawn for us. The previous internal pages created in Polopoly have needed attention for a very long time, and the LiU-wide intranet came along at exactly the right moment. We have created a first draft that the co-workers will be able to test and become familiar with. We are eager to hear their feedback.”

“We want the intranet to act as a repository to which co-workers can turn to obtain rapid answers to frequently asked questions that arise in everyday work. Building the intranet in SharePoint means that BKV co-workers will find it intuitive and easy to use”, says John Karlsson.

The operations of the HR Division are central and affect all co-workers. HR is another pioneer in the LiU-wide intranet.

“We started by looking at how the old web pages functioned and how the users experienced them”, says HR partner Monica Rissanen. “Then we tried to identify starting points that can be important when writing texts, and drew up a schedule.”

“The intranet has made it possible for us to think in new ways, and build up a new structure in which we try to tailor information to the target group.”

The intranet has been constructed in SharePoint, one of the most commonly used intranet platforms in Sweden. It is integrated with other services within Microsoft 365 that most people are familiar with, such as Teams, OneNote and Outlook. It is possible to reach websites and collaboration forums in other parts of SharePoint, such as Teams, through the intranet.

One important aspect of the intranet is that it has been designed to make it easy to access the many common systems and tools in use. It is possible to create direct links or shortcuts to the systems that are often used.

The already existing internal pages at insidan.liu.se will gradually removed, once the contents have been transferred to the LiU-wide intranet. But take the opportunity already now to browse around and get to know the new surroundings. Watch the intranet develop as increasing numbers of operational units move in.

The address is intranet.liu.se, so bookmark this in your web browser, or use the button on the Inside LiU pages to access the intranet.


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2021-06-10

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