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Gradual easing of restrictions during the autumn term

Bild: Studentmottagning Campus Valla 2020. Foto: Magnus Johansson

LiU decided on 1 June that pandemic level 2 will be in force at the start of the autumn term 2021. This means that somewhat larger groups can meet physically, and that more teaching and exams can be carried out on campus. It also means, however, that we must continue to keep our distance.

“We are taking an important step towards normal conditions, but we are still a long way from reaching them”, says Joakim Nejdeby, leader of the crisis management team.

The decision from LiU specifies that operations from 1 August are to follow the restrictions specified in pandemic level 2, which are: “Active pandemic with limited restrictions and little effect on LiU activities”, or in other words – a situation similar to that at the start of the autumn term 2020. This is an easing of the restrictions from those in force during the spring term. It is hoped that further easing will be possible during the autumn term in the middle of September.

“Our decision is compatible with the new general advice issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the government’s decision for easing in restrictions to reduce the spread of infection in Sweden. But I would like to point out that even if we see that the situation is improving and that we can allow the students back onto campus to an increasing degree, this must take place in a controlled manner.  We must continue to keep our distance, wash our hands, and stay at home if we feel ill”, says Joakim Nejdeby.

The easing of restrictions will allow, among other things, larger groups of students in teaching rooms and for exams than were permitted during the spring term, and alternating groups of students up to 75% of normal to be present.

Co-workers at LiU, however, must continue to work using remote methods where this is possible. Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén last week appealed to all employees at government agencies to continue to do so until 15 September. Thus, LiU’s co-workers are to reach a decision about on-site or home-based work in discussion with their immediate manager.

Another question that many people are certainly interested in is how the reception activities for new students will be held at the start of the autumn term. This question is not subject to the decision taken on 1 June, and a joint working group with representatives for the student unions and LiU will draw up guidelines for the autumn reception activities. These will contain, for example, opportunities for more physical presence than was possible last year. More information for new students is expected from the student unions and sections during the summer.


Pandemic level 2

  • We keep at a distance of at least an arm’s length, and preferably two metres.
  • The size of a group on campus is determined by the circumstances, subject to a limit of 300 people.
  • Presence on campus is to take place in alternating groups, to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. Thus, not all persons who are members of the same unit can work on campus at the same time. The maximum permitted physical presence is to be, on average, 75%.
  • Access to premises depends on the circumstances (although the government has determined that until 15 September only those co-workers whose presence is necessary for operations are to be on-site).
  • It is recommended that teaching and exams continue to use remote methods to a certain degree.
  • Students are encouraged to limit their presence on campus for independent study on LiU premises.

Detailed description of the pandemic levels

Beslut om aktivering av pandeminivå inför hösten 2021 (Swedish only)

Coronavirus - measures taken by LiU

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