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Warning for thieves!

Bild: LiU IT-medarbetare arbetar med skärm.LiU has recently been hit by several thefts of monitors, loudspeakers and other IT equipment from teaching rooms and other premises. Keep your eyes open and contact the campus security service if you see anything suspicious.

In this case, the thieves are not pickpockets, but go for such items as monitors, loudspeakers and other technical equipment in teaching rooms and other premises. LiU’s chief security officer appeals to everyone to be aware, not to grant entry to unauthorised persons, and to contact the campus security service if they see anything suspicious or feel insecure.

LiU IT/Digital Resources Office personnel usually wear LiU-branded clothes when working, and any external contractors should have profile clothes and proof of identity from the Bild: Medarbetare från AA-Video arbetar med en skärm.company. LiU nearly always uses AA-Video and Eddima as external contractor. If you see people with civilian clothes or clothes without a company logo taking IT equipment, contact the campus security service.

Telephone for the campus security service: 013-285888



Photos: LiU IT personnel wear profile clothes when working, as do AA-Video personnel.


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2021-05-12

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Last updated: 2021-05-17