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The pandemic – not over yet

Bild: Corona-kampanj i Studenthuset. Foto: Charlotte Perhammar

As increasing numbers are vaccinated against Covid-19, expectations are increasing for a rapid return to “normal”. At the same time, pressure on the healthcare services remains extremely high. In the current situation, our conclusion is that we must keep it up and keep our distance for the foreseeable future.

Recently, the government, the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and regional authorities have warned about a general feeling of fatigue among the public when it comes to continuing to observe the restrictions and regulations that are still in force. This is one of the reasons that the spread of infection has started to increase again, and more people need hospital care.

“At LiU, we appeal to all our co-workers and students to continue to follow the restrictions. It’s too early to go back to work or study physically on campus. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing: keep your distance at all times, and wash your hands thoroughly and often! Keep it up until the end of term”, says Joakim Nejdeby, leader of the crisis management team.

There are still large groups who have not been vaccinated, and a person who has received the vaccine can spread the infection to other people. The self-administered tests on the market are not completely reliable, and a negative answer (free of infection) cannot be used as a justification to return to work.

“If you are not feeling fully healthy, you must stay at home! This rule, and all the others, must still be followed. We hope that the spread of infection will fall as increasing numbers are vaccinated, and that we can start to open the campuses as the autumn term begins. But this is not possible at the moment”, Joakim Nejdeby concludes.

A decision about the pandemic level to be in force at the start of the autumn term will be taken by the crisis management team at the start of June, and the team will provide more information then.


Translated by George Farrants


Björn Stafstedt 2021-04-28

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