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LiU and the new pandemic legislation

Övre del av Studenthuset i vinterlandskap.

New legislation came into force on 10 January, which regulates, among other things, how many people may be present on premises at the same time. Operations at LiU come under the new law only to a small degree: we have concluded that the measures previously introduced are still valid and are not affected by the new law.

The law relating to the pandemic passed by the Swedish parliament gives the government the power to introduce measures to limit the spread of infection for certain designated operations. This has previously not been possible, and the new law has now been used to set limits for gyms and sports facilities, swimming pools, stores, shopping centres, and shops. These must now calculate the number of visitors allowed to be present at any one time, based on a requirement that each person is to have an area of at least 10 square metres available. Thus, a location of area 100 square metres may have a maximum of 10 visitors at any time. The limit on the number of simultaneous visitors must be clearly specified at all entries.

“We are covered by the new temporary law only to a certain limited extent, and this is even less than the ordinance that the government passed recently. We have concluded that the measures that we have taken based on earlier decisions and recommendations are sufficient in the current situation. They determine, for example, how access to our libraries is to function. At the moment, there is no reason to introduce further measures as a consequence of the government decision supported by the new pandemic law. Only very few exams are arranged in an exam hall where this is necessary, and these are not covered by the new legislation. We continue as planned, quite simply, and will keep in close contact with Smittskydd i Östergötland, the agency for communicable disease control in Östergötland”, says Joakim Nejdeby, head of the crisis management team.

The county administrative board is responsible for supervising the new pandemic legislation, although the legal text states that it is “the one who conducts such operations”, such as a shop or a gym, who is to ensure that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded. Does this mean that LiU will post security personnel to regulate the number of people on the premises?

“If the government were to announce that such measures are required, in LiU’s case it would probably be necessary to look more closely at how the libraries operate. At the moment, we do not want either students or co-workers to be present on campus at all. When we change this and reopen the campuses, we will, of course, review the measures and how we can comply with the restrictions and legislation then in force. Everyone is aware that for large periods of the pandemic we have had many visitors in some of our buildings, such as Studenthuset and the libraries. We have already taken several measures to ensure that this ends”, says Joakim Nejdeby.


Text: Björn Stafstedt

Translation: George Farrants


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Last updated: 2021-01-14