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New posting site inaugurated

The first to nail a thesis on the new posting site in Studenthuset was Johanna Gustafsson from the Department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies. In the future, doctoral students will hold short presentations of their work when posting a thesis.

Bild: Johanna Gustafsson spikar sin avhandling på det nya spikningsträdet i StudenthusetWith her thesis “Adoptive families’ return trips to the children’s birth countries”, Johanna Gustafsson from the Department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies became the first to post a thesis in Studenthuset.

The previous posting site was in the D Building, but since many more people pass through Studenthuset, it was natural to create a new site designed specifically for the building. The corona pandemic has delayed the inauguration of the site, but Johanna Gustafsson could finally nail her thesis on 8 January.

The Facilities Management Office has created the site with the help of Petra Bergman, who was also responsible for the interior design of Studenthuset in its entirety. The site is in the form of a tree, with white-glazed ash laths fixed around a central column. The column symbolises the trunk, and the laths are displaced relative to each other to create a more organic expression. The tree can be moved and disassembled if necessary.

Bild: Johanna Gustafsson bredvid spikningsträdet i StudenthusetWhy are theses posted?

The tradition of posting a thesis is reputed to have arisen with Martin Luther, who in October 1517 nailed his 95 theses to a door at Schlosskirche in Wittenberg. This was his way of inviting disputation, a discussion about the contents of these theses.

Despite the rise of the internet, the tradition of nailing up a thesis is still followed in the academic world, in different forms at different universities.


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2021-01-08

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