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Planning for spring

Activity at LiU will continue in the same manner as at present, with extensive restrictions and with major effects from the ongoing pandemic, at least until 28 March 2021. It is hoped that the restrictions can then be lifted in stages during the second half of the spring term.

The LiU crisis management team has reached a decision about restrictions in activities during the spring term of 2021. The planning process has been based on the scenario drawn up by the Public Health Agency of Sweden to illustrate possible spread of infection during the spring of 2021. Activities will be carried out under the same conditions as those imposed by the current decision, which is valid until 31 January. The new decision comes into force on 1 February and is valid until further notice. At the same time, a decision has been taken to describe LiU’s restrictions during the pandemic at different levels (illustrated below). At the moment (2 December), Level 4 is in force, and it is expected that this will continue until 28 March. If the spread of infection in the region allows, Level 3 will be activated in the second quarter of 2021, and further easing of the restrictions will be introduced, such that activities can be conducted under the provisions of Level 2. If possible, this will take place at the end of the spring term, and will remain in force until 31 August 2021.

The decision also stipulates that a preparedness is to be available among those active in the university to adapt to changes in level. In order to facilitate the execution of any components that require long-term planning, such as teaching and exams, these are to be planned in accordance with Level 4 for the complete spring term of 2021. 

“Of course, it’s difficult to predict how the pandemic will develop, and we will have to be prepared to introduce rapid changes in our restrictions. There is, however, a strong desire from those active in operations for more long-term planning. We are now satisfying that desire, as much as we can, with this decision”, says University Director Kent Waltersson, leader of the crisis management team with authority to take decisions.

The decision specifies that access to the LiU premises is to be given according to the following order of priority:

  • teaching and exams in the concluding part of students’ education
  • teaching and exams that are important for the students’ continued progression in their studies
  • such components of teaching and research operations for which it is not possible or highly inappropriate to use distance mode or remote methods, and
  • other activities.

In another decision taken at the same time as that taken by the crisis management team concerning the conditions for the spring term, LiU sets out a pandemic plan for the complete organisation, in order to generally supplement and support the LiU crisis management team. It is based on levels, which are to govern the planning of operations and the restrictions in force as a result of the pandemic. The matrix has eight modes: from 0, in which there are no effects and the university functions as usual, to 7, in which the pandemic has “extreme societal effects” and the university is closed. Between now and 28 March, activities are subject to Level 4.

“We hope that this model will make it easier to inform people about the situation and the restrictions that are in force. Since the corona pandemic hit earlier in the year, we have learnt that we must be clear when informing about decisions, and that we must be flexible at all times, adapting the activities to the situation. The model with eight levels will help those active in operations to plan, and realign their way of working if necessary”, Kent Waltersson explains.


Pandeminivå 4

Table of pandemic-response levels

  • Level 0: No active pandemic. Normal, everyday life.
  • Level 1: Pandemic active in countries with which we collaborate. No restrictions in Sweden and no, or very little, effect on LiU activities.
  • Level 2: Active pandemic with limited restrictions and little effect on LiU activities.
  • Level 3: Active pandemic with restrictions and effects on LiU activities.
  • Level 4: Active pandemic with extensive restrictions and large effects on LiU activities.
  • Level 5: Active pandemic with very extensive restrictions and major effects on LiU activities. LiU operations are carried out in distance mode.
  • Level 6: Active pandemic with extremely extensive restrictions and extensively major effects on LiU activities. LiU operations are carried out in distance mode.
  • Level 7: Active pandemic with extreme societal effects. Shutdown – in which only absolutely necessary activities are carried out at LiU.


Translated by George Farrants

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