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Strict restrictions extended to the end of term

Strict restrictions continue at Linköping University. For the whole of the autumn term, we continue to study and work from home. We have all taken our individual responsibility seriously in recent weeks, and we must continue to do so to reduce the spread of infection.

Sweden is at a critical point with respect to stopping the spread of the coronavirus, and this week we have been faced with announcements of new restrictions and regulations. Linköping University feels a major responsibility for its students and co-workers, and a desire to continue to conduct operations in a safe and responsible manner. We reconfigure, but we are not closing down.

From a societal perspective, we produce important research and our students are attractive future employees, and we have a responsibility to ensure the quality of the teaching and that exams are carried out in a legal certain manner.

“For this reason, certain necessary exams and teaching components will continue to be held in physical mode. We will carry this out in a manner that minimises the risk of the spread of infection, in small groups and observing physical distancing. And we continue a dialogue with the unit for infectious diseases at Region Östergötland, which has approved these measures”, says Joakim Nejdeby, leader of the central crisis management group at Linköping University.

The end of the autumn term brings other priorities for access to our premises. for necessary components of teaching and exams. Earlier in the autumn, new students had first priority for on-campus teaching, but now we will instead give priority to students who approaching the end of their studies. Students who are to be given priority for on-campus teaching and exams are: 1) those who are taking a concluding component of their studies during the autumn term, 2) those for whom on-campus teaching is important for their continued studies, and 3) those for whom it is impossible or inappropriate to conduct teaching or exams using remote methods. The latter category also includes research for which it is not possible or highly inappropriate to use distance mode or remote methods.

“In the past few weeks of strict restrictions, students and co-workers have done a good job. We have stayed at home, even if it has affected our mood and energy reserves. We have acted responsibly. We are already acting in the way we should, and there are significantly fewer people on our premises. We must continue like this, so that we can ensure that we avoid further restrictions or being forced to take the decision to close down”, says Joakim Nejdeby.

The possibilities for group study in Studenthuset are also being reduced. Some group rooms will be closed, to avoid groups of students. Studenthuset has some study places available for individual study when no other option is possible. Otherwise, studies are to be conducted from home, and students who want to work in a group must do so using remote methods.

Serving of alcohol after 10.00 pm in restaurants and nightclubs throughout Sweden is now no longer permitted.

“Our student unions are taking their responsibility and their union houses will remain closed in the evenings and for events for the rest of the year. A terrible shame, but completely necessary. What’s important now is to keep up the good work, and find other ways to meet others. It is important that party activities are not moved from pubs and restaurants into the home – refrain completely from partying, even if it’s tough”, says Joakim Nejdeby.

The reception activities for our new students, which usually takes place in January, will be set up such that they can use special arrangements, in dialogue with the student unions.

These stricter restrictions at Linköping University are in force from 23 November until 31 January. The crisis management group will decide in a few weeks’ time about how the spring term will be carried out, and is at the same time maintaining a preparedness for new decisions or recommendations from the Swedish government or Public Health Agency of Sweden.


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Last updated: 2020-11-20