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Academic Ceremonies in 2021

(Updated 2020-11-23 09:30)

The Academic Ceremony for 2020 has been both postponed and cancelled. A plan has now been drawn up for the promotion of doctors and installation of professors next year.

Bild: Akademiska högtiden 2019The Academic Ceremony for 2020 is now planned for the spring of 2021, and that for 2021 will be held in October.

The ceremony in the spring will be divided into two events. The installation of professors will be held in Studenthuset on 13 March: it will comprise a ceremony and subsequent dinner. The promotion of doctors will be held in Konsert & Kongress 21-22 May, and the candidates will be promoted in individual faculties, with a subsequent dinner. Honorary doctorates granted in 2020 will be bestowed at the ceremony held in the autumn of 2021.

In order to follow restrictions on the number of participants and to maintain recommended separations, the number of guests will be strictly limited. These will primarily be guests of the newly installed professors and newly promoted doctors.

It is hoped that the autumn ceremony will be possible as a “normal” ceremony, to be held 1-2 October. If this is not possible, as a consequence of restrictions imposed because of the pandemic, it will be held in a similar manner as the ceremony in the spring.

Bild: Camilla Smedberg, ceremonimästare“These are such large projects – we can’t just postpone them, but have to plan for the future”, says Master of Ceremonies Camilla Smedberg. “I hope that this plan will be possible and I’m looking forward to making it work. We have adapted to the situation: we will do some things differently, and can adopt some of the new ideas and use them at coming ceremonies.”

One example comes from the fact that in the current circumstances we cannot meet in advance to rehearse, as we usually do. We plan instead to make a film that we can use at ceremonies in the future.

However, Camilla Smedberg believes that it will be too difficult to convert the complete ceremony to use remote methods, as has been done for graduation ceremonies.

“When promoting doctors, it is the actual ceremony on the stage that is the promotion, climbing Mount Parnassus, receiving the diploma, and hat or laurel wreath.”

Nobody knows how the corona pandemic will develop, or what restrictions will apply in the future. All we can do is adapt to the situation, and the current plan considers both the need for distance and number of participants.

“I hope that the people involved find this to be a good solution, in the current circumstances”, says Camilla Smedberg.

Academic celebration at LiU


Translated by George Farrants

Elisabet Wahrby 2020-11-18

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