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Career Support for seeking employment in Sweden

International co-workers and students may not know how to look for employment in Sweden. At the same time, Sweden needs more international talent. The Career Support website is now available to help in seeking employment and career planning.

Bild: Masterstudenter på seminarium. Foto: LiUInternational Staff Support, where Priya Eklund works, is behind Career Support.

“Both Östergötland and Sweden have an expressed need to retain international talent. But people with attractive talents find it difficult to make an impression, and one reason for this is that they don’t know how to draw up application documents. International students and co-workers must have a general understanding of how to look for employment, which is something that is obvious for most Swedish students and co-workers. We hope that the target group will feel that they find the information that is important for their continued career in Sweden.

Career Support is intended for international students and co-workers who need information about seeking employment in Sweden, and it provides at the same time inspiration.

“We want the pages to show people what it’s like to seek employment in Sweden. This differs between countries, and here they will obtain initial insights into where the job opportunities are, how applications should be drawn up, what to think about during an interview, networking, and much more”, says Priya Eklund.

“For further support, doctoral students can take the Career Support Programme where we explain the process of seeking employment in greater depth, and where we also have contact details for various actors, such as Linköping Science Park and Företagarna, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

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Translated by George Farrants



Elisabet Wahrby 2020-11-04

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