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Salary review, autumn 2020

The corona pandemic has led to the parties to the Agreement on Industrial Development and Wage Formation, which sets the benchmark for salary increases in Sweden, deciding to postpone negotiations about salary. This decision affects the salary review at LiU.

At this time of year, the salary review at LiU is usually well under way, but as a consequence of the corona pandemic, and the postponed negotiations for a new salary agreement, it has been postponed. The benchmark for salary increases in industry is a guide for both governmental employers and other industries on the Swedish labour market.

Saco-S has a salary agreement that is valid until further notice, while the agreements for the Public Employees’ Negotiation Council (OFR) and the Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees (Seko) expires, and negotiations for new salary agreements are required. Thus

Johan Nyhammar, förhandlingschef

 the starting points differ for different employees, 

depending on which employees’ organisation they belong to.

“What is common for all is that the salary review at LiU will not be completed until a benchmark has been determined. Discussions are under way between LiU and the employees’ organisations into which components of the salary review may, despite everything, be possible during the autumn”, says Johan Nyhammar, chief negotiator in the Human Resources Division.

It is the intention that the salary review starts as soon as possible, and as soon as the necessary preconditions are in place. 

Johan Nyhammar 2020-10-14

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