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Nailed it!

Three doctoral students have so far taken the opportunity offered by the library to give a talk about their thesis as part of the posting event. The library hopes that the idea will catch on.

Olav Nygård spikningspratar.When Swedish doctoral students submit their thesis, a small ceremony is held in which they nail, or “post”, a copy to a wooden door. In order to highlight doctoral students and their door in Norrköping, and to inspire undergraduates to go on to research education, the library at Campus Norrköping is encouraging doctoral students to give a short presentation of their thesis as part of the posting ceremony. The three doctoral students who have held talks have been awarded the library’s Order of the Golden Nail with Blue Ribbon.

“We hope that this can be a pleasant and informal way to highlight this milestone on the way to the thesis defence, and that more students will take the opportunity”, says Britt Omstedt. Together with colleague Kerstin Annerbo she is the librarian behind the event. Some departments and divisions have already made it part of the procedures doctoral students follow when preparing for a thesis defence.

Bild: Guldspik i blått band.The library looks after publicising the event, and the subsequent reporting in social media.

“It’s fun for us to arrange this, and the students who have participated so far have been happy to tell others about their work and at the same time gain some attention”, says Britt Omstedt. The presentation should be short, five to seven minutes. It must not be experienced as another onerous duty for doctoral students. The library has a screen to display a presentation and soft screens for posters, etc. Or you can simply stand there and talk, without any technical aids.

Are you interested in holding a talk when you post?

Feel free to contact Britt Omstedt (britt.omstedt@liu.se) or Kerstin Annerbo (kerstin.annerbo@liu.se) to book a time.


Translated by George Farrants



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