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Autonomous buses seeking researchers


Bild: Självkörande buss på Campus Valla.

The two autonomous buses that service Campus Valla are part of the ELIN project, which is a joint initiative between LiU and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute.

“I’m sure many people have seen the buses, but I don’t think that many realise that they are a research platform. We encourage researchers at LiU to use them in their research, and we’re looking for new projects”, says Mikael Asplund, who is research coordinator for ELIN.

Anyone who wants to carry out a study can book a bus and an accompanying safety attendant.

“It’s simplest to allow the buses take their present route, but we can also envisage other ways of using the buses”, Mikael Asplund explains.

Several research projects are already associated with ELIN, one of them an extremely large EU project. Mikael Asplund emphasises that it’s not just research in the Faculty of Science and Engineering that can use the buses.

“Indeed not. They offer, for example, great opportunities for research into the interaction between humans and technology. It’s often easier to carry out projects of this type than the technical ones.”

Several projects with autonomous buses are under way in other places in Europe, but the buses on Campus Valla are unique in that they are open for researchers.

“There’s no deadline for applications, but if you’re interested or have any questions, it’s a good idea to contact me as soon as possible. Come and join in!”, says Mikael Asplund.


For more information, contact research coordinator Mikael Asplund, Department of Computer and Information Science, mikael.asplund@liu.se.

Suggested research topics

  • Cybersecurity
  • Optimisation and planning of routes, timetabling, on-demand service
  • Human-machine interface
  • User acceptance, customer satisfaction, trust
  • Pricing, business models
  • Societal consequences
  • A framework for holistic evaluation, evaluation of systems by systems
  • Vehicle development, electrification, safety
  • Online vehicles
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Environmental effects
  • Planning future cities


Project partners

  • Transdev
  • ÖstgötaTrafiken
  • Linköping Municipality
  • Science Park Mjärdevi
  • Akademiska Hus
  • RISE
  • Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute


Translated by George Farrants


David Isaksson 2020-10-02

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