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Gradual return to campus mode to continue

Bild: Student med cykel på corson en höstdag.

The gradual return from distance mode to campus mode will continue during the latter part of the autumn term. Restrictions will, however, remain in place to prevent an increase in the spread of coronavirus among students and co-workers.

Previous decisions from the LiU crisis management group, which will be in force until 31 January 2021, have specified that a gradual return to on-campus activity will take place during the autumn of 2020.  An appendix to the official decision set out several restrictions on operations that were to be in force until 31 October 2020. The need for continued restrictions during the autumn has now been reassessed within the framework of the work of the crisis management group, and a supplementary decision has been taken for restrictions with effect from 1 November. The crisis management group has used this supplementary decision to determine how the return to on-campus activity is to continue in a safe and responsible manner.

Among the provisions of the new decision are that:

  • The direction of travel is to be towards a desired continued return to campus, at the same time as each individual has a responsibility to follow the restrictions and recommendations in force.
  • Students who are taking the later terms of a programme are to be able to interleave an increased fraction of on-campus teaching with digital components. During the initial period of the autumn term, it has mainly been students who have just started their studies who have been offered on-campus teaching. This is now to be increased for other students. The decision emphasises the importance that each student is to be assured components that provide motivational elements of physical presence.
    It remains the case that students who belong to a risk group or share a household with one or more persons who belong to a risk group should contact the study advisory service to find a solution.
  • Co-workers are to be given the opportunity for increased physical return to the workplace. It is to be determined in consultation with the immediate manager how co-workers can work alternately during the autumn. Co-workers who belong to a risk group or share a household with one or more persons who belong to a risk group should continue to work remotely.
  • A gradual return to increased physical presence is to be applied also for research activities.
  • The general advice not to undertake service-related travel will be withdrawn, which means that travel within Sweden that is justified for operational reasons may be carried out if the immediate manager approves.

The restrictions on the limited use of premises and keeping at a distance are still in place, and the number of people who may gather is limited through a comparison with such situations as are governed by the ordinance that prohibits gatherings of the general public and open events. In practice, this means, for example, that no more that half of the area of premises should be used; that seats are to be placed with a separation of at least one armlength (preferably 2 metres); and the size of a group must not exceed, at the moment, 50 people.

The government has given notice that the relevant ordinance will be modified, which may mean that it will be possible in the near future for a higher number of people to gather, provided that the seating is arranged with adequate measures to prevent the spread of infection. Since LiU is using the provisions of this ordinance as a guide, it will in this case also be possible to use such a possibility in similar situations for LiU’s activities.


Translated by George Farrants



Björn Stafstedt 2020-09-30

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