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Vice-Chancellor on all LiU campuses

Bild: Rektor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson provar passerkortet på Campus Norrköping.


Jan-Ingvar Jönsson is a vice-chancellor who wants people to see him and talk to him. Every other Friday he plans to work in Norrköping, and every other Friday at the University Hospital Campus. Last Friday was his first working day in Norrköping.

“OK – so my LiU Card works here, as well.” Jan-Ingvar Jönsson opens the door to where he is to work on Fridays in Norrköping. His office is fully portable – a laptop and a phone.

Bild: Rektor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson träffar medarbetare på ITN; Magnus Glänneskog och Martina Klefbeck.“I want to be visible on all of our campuses”, says Jan-Ingvar Jönsson. “And not only visible, but also receptive. I want to see and hear about all of our research and education, where the different campuses are equally important.”
He has now set up a schedule for this. He has concluded that Friday is a good day, since he has fewer meetings and travels less often on Fridays. But Campus Lidingö is a bit further away, so he’ll have to sort something out about how often he works there.

“It’s pleasant to round off the week with a change of scene: I’m sure it’s going to work well and will become a useful routine. Initially, of course, it’s mainly a case of getting to know the activities and folk. But later I plan to use this as a way for me to meet both students and co-workers. I believe in openness and transparency: this creates trust and confidence.”

Can people just turn up here if there’s something they want to discuss with you?
“When I’m not busy with meetings or other work, I’ll be here in the office, and will use the time to, for example, read documents. So it’s possible that I may be able to hold a spontaneous meeting, but if you want to be sure, it’s best to book an appointment through my secretary.”

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson’s Friday office in Norrköping will be on Level 5 of Kåkenhus, where LiU Donation is housed. He already has an office on the University Hospital Campus.

“I have a research group there, and an office. It’s on Level 13 in the link between the cell biology building and the building usually called “labb-ettan”, a few floors above the medical library. The University Hospital Campus is important for me: remember – I’m the first vice-chancellor to come from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Maybe the people there are expecting something extra from me.”

Bild: Rektor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson besöker LOE.So how was your first working day in Norrköping?
“It’s been great”, says Jan-Ingvar Jönsson. “I’ve visited the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, LOE, where I discussed the strategy plan for the university. I’m going to discuss this with everybody, of course, but this was a chance for me to get an idea of whether I’m on the right path.”

Jan-Ingvar Jönsson is convinced that Campus Norrköping is one of the most attractive campuses in Sweden, with its location in the unique industrial heritage landscape here. And he loves the fact that it’s right in the centre of town.

“I got a bit spoilt during the years I worked at the Swedish Research Council in Stockholm with its many cafés and restaurants to choose from. Next time I’m in Norrköping I’ll try to be here ten minutes early and find a really nice cup of cappuccino to have with breakfast. Well, to be more accurate, the cappuccino usually is my breakfast.”


Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson’s Friday schedule

Campus Norrköping

  • Fridays of evenly numbered weeks, 8.00 am-1.00 pm
  • Kåkenhus, Level 5

University Hospital Campus

  • Fridays of unevenly numbered weeks, 12.00 noon-5.00 pm
  • Länkbyggnaden, Level 13


Jan-Ingvar Jönsson checking that the access card works.
Jan-Ingvar Jönsson meets with co-workers Magnus Glänneskog and Martina Klefbeck
Jan-Ingvar Jönsson visiting the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE)

Photos by Thor Balkhed

Translated by George Farrants



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