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Work with fundamental values back on track

Bild: Medarbetare i workshop

Work at LiU to formulate fundamental values will resume in earnest this autumn, after a delay caused by the corona pandemic. And, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining: the delay means that the material being prepared for the workshops will be better than ever, having received feedback from personnel across the university.

The University Board has defined several high-priority choices, one of which is to establish a set of common values for the university. During the work, the university is to examine various ethical challenges throughout all aspects of its work. The material for the workshops that all units within LiU were to carry out was pretty much ready when the corona pandemic hit, and made large physical meetings impossible.

“At the time, of course, we thought that this was extremely detrimental for the work with fundamental values. But we have managed to arrange several digital meetings, and have gained valuable experience”, says Lotta Löfgren Cassergren, process owner for the work.

“This experience has led us to make each workshop more concrete and we have linked them more closely to realistic work situations. The theoretical aspects have been cut down, and we have been able to give greater depth to the background material”, Lotta tells us.

One thing that was missing initially was an explanation of why LiU has chosen the three keywords: credibility, trust and security, together with references to the scientific background for this.

“We have received a lot of feedback from the workshops that we have held, and ideas about how we should do things”, says Linda Schultz, member of the working group and leader of several of the meetings that have been held. She has found that there is considerable interest and commitment for the work with ethical questions.

“Discussing fundamental values is very much a case of increasing collegiality and the common learning experience of colleagues”, says Linda.

One important group is, of course, managers at LiU, whose role is not simply to initiate the work among the co-workers but also to suggest a process for the continued work at the local level.

“Because work with fundamental values is not something that just ends, simply because you’ve held a workshop. And the work will start on the inside – based on the challenges that are closest to us”, says Lotta Löfgren Cassergren.

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The first page of Inside LiU now has a button that gives rapid access to the preparatory material and exercises that can be used in the autumn workshops.


Translated by George Farrants


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