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Further details on this autumn’s return to campus

Bild: Tumstock visar två meter. Foto: Charlotte Perhammar

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

New students are prioritised, physical distancing applies, co-workers are to alternate between work on campus and at home, and domestic travel is allowed to a greater extent. These are some of the concrete consequences of LiU’s successive return to campus-based operations this autumn.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recently issued new recommendations regarding work from home. LiU has analysed how these recommendations will affect LiU’s decision of 4 June 2020 to gradually return to on-campus operations in the autumn of 2020.

“The planned return will take a long time. According to our assessment of the situation, the return will proceed gradually through the autumn of 2020”, explains Joakim Nejdeby, head of the university’s crisis management group.

“We must also be prepared for new recommendations or decisions that can affect our planning, but as it stands, ahead of the autumn term, our perception is that we are well positioned for a gradual return to campus mode”, he adds.


The return to increased physical presence will take place in the following prioritised order:

  • new students at LiU will have teaching on site in LiU’s premises.
  • examinations that it is not possible, or that it is highly unsuitable, to carry out remotely are to be held on site in LiU’s premises.
  • components in education and research that it is not possible, or that it is highly unsuitable, to carry out remotely are to be held on site in LiU’s premises.
  • other activities that it is not possible, or that it is highly unsuitable, to carry out remotely are to be held on site in LiU’s premises.


Activities conducted on site in LiU’s premises must follow the restrictions communicated in the decision of 4 June, which means that:

  • When on LiU premises, physical distancing applies. LiU has a guideline that its premises must not be utilised more than 50 per cent, and that seating is arranged at a distance of at least two metres (measured from centre to centre of the unit).
  • Physical gatherings may not exceed the recommendation of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, currently 50 people.


As regards the division between working remotely and at the workplace, the individual co-worker is to reach an agreement with his or her immediate superior.

As the autumn proceeds, co-workers who work remotely are to be given the option of working alternately at the workplace, i.e. being on campus one or more times per week. This is to be implemented in accordance with the restrictions on use of premises, which can mean for instance that co-workers who share an office are not present there at the same time, but for half the week each, or similar.

Additional toilets will be opened on campus, to increase the options for hand-washing. If the distance to the toilet is long (more than about 200 metres), hand sanitiser will be placed at appropriate locations.

LiU-arranged meetings, conferences, seminars, fairs, etc. will be conducted digitally, postponed, or cancelled. Where a LiU co-worker is to take part in events arranged by other organisations, remote participation should be encouraged.

All international work-related travel is cancelled for as long as the recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs affect the planned travel. For domestic work-related travel that is deemed necessary for operational reasons, the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding the use of public transport are to be followed, or one of LiU’s rental cars is to be used.


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