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The International Affairs and Collaborations Division to reorganise

The university director has decided that a new unit is to be created within the International Affairs and Collaborations Division (IFSA) with effect from 1 September 2020. The new office will be known as “Program Office”.

Grants Office, which is the part of IFSA that deals with research finance, has expanded significantly in recent years, and two clear branches of its operations have formed – research finance and coordination support for large research programmes. It is now to be made explicit that the two operational areas are two separate parts of the operations at IFSA, and a sustainable leadership for the two operational areas secured.

Elina Hjertström will be head of the new Program Office (PO), and Agneta Jansson replaces Michael Lögdlund to become head of Grants Office (GO). Both Elina and Agneta take up their new posts on 1 September.

A further change in IFSA included in the decision is that Caroline Sturesson has been appointed successor to Karin Gibson as head of International Office (IO). Caroline took up her post on 30 April, when the decision was taken.

Translated by George Farrants

Mindy Leuchowius 2020-05-15

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