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Deadline for submitting timetabling requests delayed

Teachers and those responsible for timetabling are to submit information about timetabling and their requests for room allocations for the 2020 autumn term. The deadline for submission has been put back to 4 May.

As a consequence of the spread of coronavirus, it has been decided that the deadline be changed.

“This gives teachers and those responsible for timetabling in the departments an extra couple of weeks to collate and review their requirements, ready for teaching during the autumn term”, says Emma Beckman, coordinator at the Timetable Coordination and Booking Office. “We have published the information on our website and it was included in our newsletter that went out earlier in the week.”

The information we need is to be submitted through the on-line timetabling system “Schemaplaneraren”.
“When the information has been submitted, we’ll go through it and try to satisfy everybody’s requirements and wishes”, says Emma Beckman.

A provisional timetable will be published in TimeEdit on 5 June. At the same time, a newsletter will be distributed with instructions, and information will be published on the website. Teachers and those responsible for timetabling then have 10 days to examine the provisonal timetable and contact the office with requests for changes.

The final timetable for the autumn term will be published on the website on 15 July.



Timetable Coordination and Booking Office

Submit and create support information in Schemaplaneraren

The provisional timetable in TimeEdit for comments

Would you also like to receive the newsletter published by the Timetable Coordination and Booking Office? Contact us by email at: 1330@liu.se.


Translated by George Farrants



Anna Nilsen 2020-03-27

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