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Empty lunch restaurants on Campus – around 30 personnel on short-time working

Bild: Falafelhuset på Campus Valla. Foto: Gunilla Pravitz

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

To close and wait for the autumn – this is the only alternative for the large lunch restaurants at LiU. Around 30 employees have been put onto short-time working. But some restaurants are holding on, even though guests are few and far between.

A hotdog at Pressbyrån or a kebab in Falafelhuset. That’s pretty much all that’s on offer for hungry folk on Campus Valla.

Bild: Handsprit på restaurang. Foto: Thor Balkhed“We will be keeping open, and we’ve no plans to close. But we don’t have many customers, of course, I guess it’s less than a tenth of what’s normal”, says Mohammed Alaswad at Falafelhuset.

For the large lunch restaurants on Campus Valla, the activation of distance mode at the university has had even greater consequences.

“The situation for us is terrible. We closed all of our four outlets on Campus Valla, and we have had to put around 10 employees onto short time”, says Eva Hultgren, business area manager at Högskolerestauranger, HÖRS.

This is the company that operates Zodiaken Asiatiska in the Zenit Building, Kafé Ellen in the Key Building, Java in the B Building and Universitetsklubben in Vallfarten.


“So far, no one has lost their job. The government decision for support to those who are on short time will be in force for the rest of the year. HÖRS also operates Matverkstan at Tekniska verken, and we can offer some people work there”, says Eva Hultgren.­

“At the moment, we’re carrying out a normal shutdown. We’re cleaning and winding down. We believe that we can survive economically provided we can open again for the autumn term. If that’s not the case, the situation will be disastrous”, she continues.


Bild: Karolin Pettersson på Eurest.LiU’s largest dining room, in the Kårallen student union building, has also just been cleaned and closed. The restaurant is operated by Eurest, as are also Amigobutiken, Moccado Valla, Caffè Dallucci and Deli Marché. All of these have been temporarily closed.

“It’s great that the government has gone in and supports those on short time. For our outlets at LiU, we’ve had to put twenty people onto short time and cut their hours by 60%, but since we operate other restaurants in Linköping some of them can work there. I hope that we will be able to take them all back and start up operations for the autumn term. But at the moment, we’re just taking each day as it comes”, says Karolin Pettersson, operational manager for Eurest.

Fresh Market in Studenthuset on Campus Valla cut back on its operations the same day that the university decided to activate distance mode.

“For a few days we offered cold packed lunched and sandwiches. But it wasn’t enough for us to keep the staff at Fresh Market, where 3-5 people worked, depending on how much we had in for outside orders. All our personnel have been put onto short-time working”, says Christian Klaar, one of the owners.

“At LiU, however, the catering is working well. We are operating from Östgöta Kök in Garnisonen, where everything is running at full speed. And it’s also possible there to order take-away food, which we can hand over to customers outside on the pavement, if they’re worried about corona infection.”


Translated by George Farrants


Gunilla Pravitz 2020-03-24

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