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LiU’s crisis management group activated due to coronavirus

(NB! This news report will not be updated. Support and guidance for students and co-workers are continuously updated at insidan.liu.se/corona)

The central crisis management group at the university has been activated following the detection of the first infection of coronavirus in Östergötland. Students and co-workers at LiU are among those who have been tested, but so far no cases of disease have been detected.

The central crisis management group is part of the central management at Linköping University, and it is activated in the event of crisis and other extraordinary situations.

The crisis management group ensures that the university is prepared to handle various scenarios, such as one in which students or co-workers become sick with the COVID-19 disease.

The first case of infection with the coronavirus in Östergötland was identified on Monday evening. In addition, several co-workers and students at LiU have been tested for infection. The reasons for such testing may be that an individual has shown symptoms after visiting an area in which infection has been found, or has been in contact with someone who has demonstrated symptoms. So far, no cases of infection have been found among those LiU students and co-workers tested. This is one of the reasons that the crisis management group has been activated.

Co-workers and students who have been tested for infection with the coronavirus and the presence of the COVID-19 disease are to work or study at home until the results of the tests are known. When the results are known, it is the treating physician who determines which measures to take. The responsible doctor will also undertake tracing of contacts, during which people who have been in contact with the infected individual will be contacted.

We encourage all co-workers and students to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. If you become aware that you are suffering symptoms, you must file a certificate of sickness and remain at home. If you experience airway-related symptoms, such as coughing, breathing difficulties or fever, and have also been in contact with a person in whom the disease caused by coronavirus, COVID-19, has been diagnosed, or who has been in an area in which infection is present, you must contact the healthcare services by telephone 1177 for assessment and, where relevant, to arrange for samples to be taken.


Contact details for further information

Students should contact the Info Centre

Co-workers should contact their immediate manager.

Students and co-workers can send questions by email to: corona@liu.se

Managers should contact team leader of the central crisis management group Joakim Nejdeby: joakim.nejdeby@liu.se

More information about measures taken by LiU in association with the spread of coronavirus available at insidan.liu.se/corona



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Last updated: 2020-08-24