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New programme for international co-workers

Bild: Inbjudningar till Welcome Fair. Foto: Charlotte Perhammar

What is it that ensures that new international co-workers are contented, and want to remain? We are hoping that a new digital introduction programme, which culminates in a co-worker fair, will make it slightly more difficult for co-workers to leave LiU and Linköping or Norrköping.

LiU has done a lot through the years to welcome new co-workers and make life easy for them. International Staff Support will now provide an overall framework, with a digital introduction programme followed by a co-worker fair twice a year.

“The programme is mainly intended for those who plan to be here at least six months, but of course everyone is welcome”, says Therese Lindkvist. Together with Priya Eklund she works with International Staff Support at International Office.

Bild: Therese Lindqvist och Priya Eklund. Foto: Charlotte Perhammar“We have chosen to use the word ‘staff’, since it is broader than ‘employees’”, says Priya Eklund. “We have so many different forms of employment and ways for people to work at LiU, such as doctoral students and post docs.”

The introduction programme can be found on Inside LiU, at HR/International Staff. The material has been designed such that people can study it at home, where and whenever they like.

  • Read
    the Guide for Visiting Staff, with information about such things as work permits and residence permits, accommodation, transport, and life in Sweden in general.
  • Listen
    to podcasts featuring, for example, a previous student who chose to stay and work at LiU and an HR specialist.
  • Watch
    films that deal with LiU’s history, and films on other topics, including films from the Swedish Tax Agency and Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden’s Public Employment Agency. 

“We’ve made a beginning, created a framework”, says Therese Lindkvist. “More material will be added to the programme all the time.”

Bild: Inbjudan Welcome FairThe final step is a co-worker fair, for both new co-workers and those who have been here for a while. It will include lunch, lectures and an exhibition with participants from LiU and other bodies, such as Visit Östergötland and Campushallen. One of the lecturers will be Professor David Ludvigsson, who will talk about Swedish traditions and culture. And it’s an opportunity to meet other international co-workers.

It is intended to arrange the fair twice a year. The next occasion will be on 17 March in the C Building.

“We are more looking to inspire than provide information about various laws and regulations”, says Priya Eklund. “Most people get an introduction into HR issues, so our focus is on other things, the sort of thing that ensures that people are content, that they understand the new society they’re living in and LiU.”

This is why they have decided not to invite other government agencies, such as Sweden’s Public Employment Agency and the Swedish Migration Agency, to the fair.

“There’s a risk that visitors will think that they can get help with their individual case”, says Therese Lindkvist. “The situation for each co-worker is unique, and a general presentation of the government agencies would not be interesting.”

It’s not clear how many new international co-workers are at LiU. The LiU “Network for International Staff Support”, which has representatives from the departments, will make it possible to reach as many as possible.

“The introduction programme and the fair should be a natural component when a new international co-worker is employed”, says Therese Lindkvist.

“When moving to a new country, it’s important to have something more than just a job”, says Priya Eklund. “We want to make it slightly more difficult for them to leave Linköping or Norrköping and go home.”


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2020-02-06

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