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Olle Inganäs – entrepreneurial teacher of the year

Bild: Olle Inganäs och Arne Jacobsson. Foto: Magnus Johansson

The 2019 recipient of the LiU Award for Entrepreneurial Teacher of the Year is a person who, according to the citation, moves seamlessly and elegantly between the academic world and entrepreneurship. This year’s winner is Professor Emeritus Olle Inganäs of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

This is the eighth consecutive year that LiU Innovation has made the award. With its motto “From Knowledge to Benefit”, LiU Innovation wants to make it clear that entrepreneurship is not necessarily about making money, but also about using knowledge relevant to society in other ways.

Olle Inganäs received flowers and a diploma from Arne Jacobsson of LiU Innovation, to enthusiastic applause from the participants at the annual LiU Leadership Day, when the award is traditionally made. In addition, Olle Inganäs received 30,000 Swedish crowns to use in his entrepreneurial development or to invest in a start-up.

But the joy of the award-winner was not without shadow.
“You have to pay a high price in order to combine the demands placed on researchers”, Olle Inganäs said, when accepting the award.

Bild: Olle Inganäs, professor emeritus, IFM. Foto: Magnus JohanssonSo what is your secret of success?
“Get business folk involved as early as possible, as soon as all the technical issues are solved. Sometimes it works out: sometimes it doesn’t.”

The jury citation:

“The award-winner for 2019 moves seamlessly and elegantly between the academic world and entrepreneurship. He is among the top 1% of most cited researchers in the world, and stands behind several start-up companies that have attracted international investment worth billions of kronor, creating benefit for both the region and the university. He has often involved his doctoral students in entrepreneurship. The companies he stands behind include BioCromix, Micro Muscle, Nordic Sensor and Thin Film Electronics. More recent companies include Epishine AB and LignaEnergy AB, two companies that make a forceful contribution to meeting society’s future requirements for sustainable energy.”

The award

LiU Innovation intends that the award will not only draw attention to the utilisation of research results, but also encourage it. The award-winner is assessed from the following criteria:

  • Outstanding entrepreneurial activity
  • A shining example for researchers and students
  • Contribution to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship at LiU


Translated by George Farrants


Elisabet Wahrby 2019-11-20

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