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Don’t forget to use this year’s preventive healthcare benefit

The LiU agreement on terms of employment gives LiU employees the right to a preventive healthcare benefit of SEK 2,000 per year. This is a salary benefit, and more than half of LiU employees claim it each year. Have you claimed your benefit for 2019?

Bild: Träningspass. Foto: Hanna SöderquistIf you haven’t used the benefit for 2019, it’s high time to do so. The ActiWay portal is the place to look for all associated and approved preventive healthcare providers, purchase preventive healthcare, and check how much benefit you have remaining.

Remember that expenses will only be reimbursed during the same calendar year in which they are incurred. If you have purchased preventive healthcare through ActiWay from one of the associated providers in the system, you can report expenses in the ActiWay portal up to 31 December 2019. If, on the other hand, you have purchased preventive healthcare from a provider not associated with the system, you must present the receipt to ActiWay following the instructions given on the ActiWay portal under “FAQ”, before 21 December 2019.

ActiWay does not process receipts from providers who are included in the system. Before purchasing preventive healthcare, search the ActiWay portal to determine whether the provider you want to use is part of the system or not.

Take a break – it’s good for you

You do know about the Pausit program, available from Min IT, don’t you? It’s easy to install and reminds you to take short breaks from work and get moving. You can set the timing, frequency and duration of breaks in the program, and specify the muscles you want to exercise.

Balans online is another resource available – it provides some simple exercises based on medical yoga.

More information about healthcare, Pausit and Balans online is available on the healthcare pages at Inside LiU


Translated by George Farrants


Sara Hammarsten 2019-11-11

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