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Who is the entrepreneurial teacher of the year, 2019?

For the eighth consecutive year, LiU Innovation will award a prize for the entrepreneurial teacher of the year at LiU. Nominate a teacher, researcher or research group at LiU no later than 27 October.

LiU Innovation is inviting nominations of teachers, researchers or research groups at Linköping University who have excelled in one or more of the following:

  • encouraging researchers and students in entrepreneurship
  • contributing to creating an entrepreneurial culture at LiU
  • outstanding entrepreneurial activity

The award winner, who will receive the title “LiU’s entrepreneurial teacher 2019”, will be awarded a grant of SEK 20,000 for appropriate skills development within entrepreneurship. The award will be made at a ceremony to be held on the LiU Leadership Day, 20 November.

Deadline for nominations: 27 October.

Send email with your contact details to arne.jacobsson@liu.se, and we will then contact you. Alternatively, complete this questionnaire, (after logging in with your LiU-ID).

Previous award winners

2018 Anna Fahlgren, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
2017 Robert Forchheimer, Department of Electrical Engineering
2016 Charlotte Norrman & Magnus Klofsten, Department of Management and Engineering
2015 Peter Påhlsson, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
2014 Kristin Alfredsson Ågren, Elin Ekbladh, Jane Holstein & Anette Kjellberg, Department of Social and Welfare Studies
2013 Ulf Helmersson, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
2012 Fredrik Gustafsson, Department of Electrical Engineering

The selection process

Each year, LiU Innovation chooses a selection committee with three members, two of them external and one from LiU, and a non-voting chair. The selection committee selects the winner preferably by reaching agreement. If this is not possible, voting is used, with the drawing of lots used as a final resort in the event of equal (non-zero) votes being received. If more than eight candidates are nominated, LiU Innovation reserves the right to select eight of them to be passed to the selection committee. If necessary, LiU Innovation can make additions to the nomination citations for candidates.


Translated by George Farrants

Jenny Wallhoff 2019-10-16

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