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Parking fees

Akademiska Hus will introduce parking fees for all carparks at Campus Valla on Tuesday 1 October. This article provides clarification and more detailed information about the fees.

Bild: Information om p-avgifter samt kartaCampus Valla is a single zone in the Q-park system. In the Mobilpark app, search for zone 6205 to see all carparks that are included.
If, for example, you purchase a digital 30-day ticket or a one-day ticket in any of the ticket machines or the app, you can park in any carpark subject to fees that lies in the zone. Thus, parking is not restricted to any one carpark.

All vehicles/trailers with number plates must pay a parking fee, except for those with parking permits for disabled people.

Q-park does not currently provide in the app the possibility to switch a 30-day ticket between vehicles. The app is still under development.

If it is necessary to switch a 30-day ticket between vehicles the following provisions apply:

A 30-day ticket is to be purchased in one of the three ticket machines located at Vallfarten, the Key Building and the C Building (red dots on the attached map). These ticket machines can print out a parking ticket. When the ticket is purchased, the vehicle that is used on that particular day is to be registered. If a different vehicle is used on another day, the ticket is to be placed clearly visible on the left side of the windscreen. Even though the ticket states another car registration number, it can be used for another vehicle. If a parking warden discovers that the vehicle registered on the ticket is parked on Campus Valla and that the ticket is being used in another vehicle, the vehicle without the ticket will be subject to a parking fine.

The parking ticket is not to be confused with the receipt. The receipt is not valid as a parking ticket.

Questions and comments can be addressed to:

Owe Flodin, property manager, Akademiska Hus, 070-5732370, owe.flodin@akademiskahus.se

Johan Tjäder, engineer, Akademiska Hus, 070-6494539, johan.tjader@akademiskahus.se


  • SEK 20 per day, or SEK 3 per hour, every day
  • SEK 350 per month
  • SEK 425 per month (for a reserved spot, to be paid for a period of 12 months)


Translated by George Farrants




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